Journal Article PLD-Fabricated Isotropic Pr–Fe–B Film Magnets Deposited on Glass Substrates

Yamashita, Akihiro  ,  Hirotaki, Keishi  ,  Kurosaki, A.  ,  Yanai, Takeshi  ,  Fukunaga, Hirotoshi  ,  Fujiwara, Ryogen  ,  Shinshi, Tadahiko  ,  Nakano, Masaki

53 ( 4 )  , p.7762158 , 2017-04 , IEEE
Pr-Fe-B thick-film magnets were deposited on glass substrates without a buffer layer using a pulsed laser deposition method to apply the films to micro-electro-mechanical systems. Large particles with the average diameter of approximately 50~\mu \text{m} were emitted from a target and enabled us to obtain the relatively high deposition rate of 30~\mu \text{m} /h. An approximately 100~\mu \text{m} -thick Pr-Fe-B film with the (BH)-{\text {max}} value of 70 kJ/ \text{m}^{3} could be obtained. After polishing a Pr-Fe-B thick film deposited on a glass substrate with groove, the magnetic properties of the film did not deteriorate.

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