Journal Article ハイハイ動作分析基準の開発と検証

鶴崎, 俊哉  ,  寺尾, 瞳

32 ( 2 )  , pp.323 - 328 , 2017-05-02 , 理学療法科学学会
[Purpose] We developed criteria for crawling motion analysis, for the purpose of understanding motor learning processes from changes in crawling motion, and investigated their reliability. [Subjects and Methods] Ten examiners (4 with experience, 2 novices, and 4 trainees) used a video recording of the crawling motion during 6-months to code the movements using the analysis criteria on two occasions. The reliability was ascertained using the levels of intra- and inter-examiner agreement, and the variation number. [Results] With the exception of the novices, the levels of agreement of the code and variation number were confirmed to be sufficiently reliable. The results also suggest that prior training increase the reliability. [Conclusion] The results suggest the method we have developed is objective.

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