Journal Article Intra-specific diversity of the chemical composition of Ligularia lamarum in the Hengduan Mountains, China: The structures of four new eremophilanes and a new seco-eremophilane

Saito, Yoshinori  ,  Hidaka, Motoki  ,  Fukuda, Akané  ,  Okamoto, Yasuko  ,  Nakashima, Katsuyuki  ,  Tori, Motoo  ,  Hanai, Ryo  ,  Gong, Xun  ,  Watanabe, Eiji  ,  Kuroda, Chiaki

20pp.139 - 145 , 2017-06 , Phytochemical Society of Europe
Chemical compositions and internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences of five samples of Ligularia lamarum collected in Sichuan Province, China, were analyzed. Fourteen compounds, including four new eremophilanes and one new seco-eremophilane, were isolated and their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods. Intra-specific diversity in the chemical composition was found to be higher than previously known. The result of DNA analysis suggested that one of the samples was introgressed, although its chemical composition was typical of L. lamarum.

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