Journal Article Enhancement in (BH)max of PLD-made isotropic Nd-Fe-B thick film magnets deposited on Si substrates

Nakano, Masaki  ,  Chikuba, Y.  ,  Shimizu, D.  ,  Yamashita, Akihiro  ,  Yanai, Takeshi  ,  Fukunaga, Hirotoshi

7 ( 5 )  , p.056239 , 2017-05 , American Institute of Physics Publising LLC
Increase in Nd contents of a PLD-made isotropic Nd-Fe-B thick-film magnet enabled us to enhance the thickness of the film magnet deposited on a Si substrate because the linear expansion coefficient of Nd is an intermediate value between Nd2Fe14B and Si. The large amount of Nd, however, degraded the residual magnetic polarization and (BH)max. In the study, we reduced the Nd contents of each Nd-Fe-B film by inserting a Nd or a Nd-rich Nd-Fe-B buffer layer between a Nd-Fe-B film and a Si substrate in order to suppress the mechanical destruction together with the improvement in magnetic properties. It was found that the mechanical property of a Nd-Fe-B film comprising the Nd-Fe-B buffer layer in the thickness range from 10 to 60 μm was superior than that of a sample with the Nd buffer layer. Resultantly, an average (BH)max value of Nd-Fe-B films with each Nd-Fe-B buffer layer deposited on Si substrates could be enhanced by approximately 15 kJ/m3 compared to that of non-buffer-layered films.

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