Departmental Bulletin Paper 長崎大学における社会貢献のあり方-教育委員会との連携事業-

廣江, 顕  ,  畑田, 秀将

8pp.51 - 63 , 2017-03-01 , 長崎大学大学教育イノベーションセンター
The purpose of this paper is three-fold: (i) It is pointed out that when Nagasaki University (NU) and an outside organization such as the Board of Education conduct a joint enterprise, e.g., one funded by the Ministry of Education, the relationship of NU with the Board of Education has been made on an individual/enterprise basis, instead proposing a closely organized approach to them. (ii) In the transition period of the whole Japanese English education, the findings of the questionnaire administered by Hiroe (2016) show that elementary school teachers feel uneasy about the next stage where the current English activities start in the third grade; English as a formal subject has to be taught in the fifth and sixth grade. (iii) In order to solve the situation that elementary school teachers are in, a well-planned and-organized teacher-training program by NU, the Local Board of Education, and elementary school teachers as well, is called for.

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