Software Freeware for 3D frame analysis FPHM & FPHM-D

Shugyo, Minoru

FPHM program is an analysis code for quasi-static 3-dimensional elastoplastic large deflection analysis of frames which contain steel members, reinforced concrete (RC) members, steel reinforced concrete (SRC) members, concrete filled tube (CFT) members, prestressed concrete (PC) members, composite beams, tension braces and steel damper braces (buckling restrained braces). The name FPHM is from ‘Fibered Plastic Hinge Model’. Since its numerical procedure takes PΔ-effects into account precisely, the ultimate lateral strength of a frame can be obtained accurately.
FPHM-D program is the analysis code for dynamic 3-dimensional elastoplastic large deflection analysis of frames in which the restoring force characteristics of frames are estimated by the FPHM program.
After v4.01, the representative mass numbers of each story for the FPHM-D program have been changed from two to four.
After v4.02, the Appendix to demonstrate a validation of the unbalanced force cancellation procedure of the present method has been added.
After v4.02a, the above Appendix has been revised, and the corresponding parts of executable files have been also revised.

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