Departmental Bulletin Paper 前期ならびに後期高齢者における健康関連QOL に影響を及ぼす要因について

飯野, 朋彦  ,  平瀬, 達哉  ,  井口, 茂

29pp.35 - 41 , 2017-01 , 長崎大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科保健学専攻
〔目的〕地域在住高齢者における健康に関連する生活の質(Health Related Quality of Life :HRQOL)に関わる要因を前期高齢者ならびに後期高齢者別に運動機能面,心理面,転倒リスクの側面から検討することである. 〔対象〕対象は,307名の介護予防事業参加高齢者(男性54名,女性253名,平均年齢75.7歳)とした. 〔方法〕評価項目は,基本属性,HRQOL,運動機能,心理面,転倒リスクとした.分析は,前期高齢者ならびに後期高齢者別にHRQOLが高い群と低い群に分類し,各評価項目を群間比較した.さらに,HRQOLに最も影響を及ぼす因子をロジスティック回帰分析にて検討した. 〔結果〕前期高齢者,後期高齢者におけるHRQOLに関連する因子としては,共通してうつ評価が抽出され,加えて前期高齢者では年齢,後期高齢者では転倒リスクが抽出された. 〔結語〕前期高齢者ならびに後期高齢者においてはHRQOLに関連する因子は異なるため,それぞれの時期に合わせた介入の必要性が示唆された.
[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to identify factors affecting Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) in community-dwelling people aged 65-74years(younger old people) and aged 75 years or older(older old person). [Subjects] The subjects were 307 community-dwelling older adults. [Method] Outcome measures were physical function, psychological status and fall risk factors. The subjects were classified into two groups; younger and older old people. For each group, younger and older old people, outcome measures were compared between the subjects who had high and low HRQOL. [Results] The HRQOL strongly correlated with psychological status in both groups. In addition, HRQOL in younger old people strongly correlated with age, and HRQOL in older old people strongly correlated with fall risk factors. [Conclusion] Factors affecting HRQOL were different between younger and older old people. Intervention for HRQOL may be needed to take into account for each younger and older old people.

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