Departmental Bulletin Paper ばね支持とフードダンパによるインバータモータの制振

吉武, 裕  ,  茅原, 晃希  ,  片原田, 浩之  ,  野崎, 優  ,  田川, 夏湖  ,  山崎, 豪

47 ( 88 )  , pp.96 - 103 , 2017-01 , 長崎大学大学院工学研究科
This paper deals with the quenching problem of electromagnetic vibration of the inverter motor stator. The iron stator of the inverter motor is modeled by a perfect circular ring. Single or two spring supports are set on the circular ring to quench the forced vibration caused by the rotating distributed electromagnetic force. Moreover, single or two Houde dampers are installed on the outside of the circular ring. The solutions of forced vibration are obtained by the theoretical analysis. The following were made clear; (1) By setting single or two spring supports with 10 percent spring constant of the mode to be quenched on the stator, the resonant amplitude of the stator decreases to one half. When two spring supports are used, the best setting positions are those that make the angle between loops of the mode to be quenched. (2) By setting not only single spring support on the stator but also setting two Houde dampers in the suitable positions, those exist several ones depending on the position of spring support, the vibration of motor stator is quenched over wide frequency region around resonance. (3) By setting single spring support and single Houde damper on the stator, the vibration of the stator is also quenched over wide frequency region around resonance.

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