Departmental Bulletin Paper せん断パネルフランジの繰返し載荷下の挙動について

玉井, 宏章  ,  三久保, 里弥  ,  伊藤, 優佑

47 ( 88 )  , pp.23 - 30 , 2017-01 , 長崎大学大学院工学研究科
We proposed the design concept for steel shear panel damper. We introduced the design requirements for width-to-thickness ratio of shear panel damper's flange. To show the validity of the design requirements, we performed the cyclic loading test with incremental intensity and geometrically and material non-linear finite element analyses on shear panel dampers. From those results, we discussed the validity of the proposed design requirements for S.P.D.'s flange width-to-thickness ratio.

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