Departmental Bulletin Paper Evaluation of malignant pancreatic tumor using artificial acoustic radiation force ultrasonography in patients undergoing pancreatectomy

Nanashima, Atsushi  ,  Sakamoto, Ayami  ,  Sakamoto, Ichiro  ,  Hayashi, Hideyuki  ,  Sumida, Yorihisa  ,  Murakami, Goushi  ,  Arai, Junichi  ,  Wada, Hideo  ,  Nagayasu, Takeshi

60 ( 4 )  , pp.135 - 140 , 2016-09 , Nagasaki University School of Medicine
To evaluate pancreatic elasticity and tumor diagnosis, we preoperatively investigated the elasticity calculated by a new ultrasonography (US) technique, acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI). Materials and Methods: We examined ARFI in non-tumorous and tumor regions by push pulse of probe in 30 patients with pancreatic malignancies undergoing pancreatectomy. Measurement of stiffness was indicated as the Vs (mm/sec). Results: The Vs in the non-tumor region was measured in the pancreas head in 17 and in the body in 13 patients. The Vs of pancreatic tumors was measured in 14 of 22 patients (64%). The Vs in pancreatic tumors (2.17±0.95 m/sec.) was significantly higher than that in the non-tumorous pancreas (1.41±0.47 m/sec.) (p<0.01). The Vs of the non-pancreatic regions in the pancreas head and body were not significantly different. The Vs of the non-tumorous pancreas was not associated with patient demographics, laboratory data, the hardness of the pancreatic tissue, or postoperative morbidity. The Vs of the resected pancreatic tumors was not associated with any tumor-related parameters. Conclusions: ARFI imaging elastography can be used to evaluate pancreatic malignant tumor lesion in comparison with the non-tumor lesion.

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