Departmental Bulletin Paper フィレット薄鋼板接着補強工法の開発 その1 設計法の概要

玉井, 宏章  ,  御厨, 健太  ,  中島, 康太

46 ( 87 )  , pp.35 - 42 , 2016-07 , 長崎大学大学院工学研究科
We present a Rehabilitation technique bonding thin steel angle at the defect fillet of H-shaped members. The design requirement for the rehabilitation are shown in this paper. The sectional shape of the rehabilitated member is changed in the longitudinal direction, so a torsion and warping constants evaluation was required. A calculation procedure for torsion and warping constants of this member are shown. The accuracy and efficiency of this procedure are demonstrated by a comparative study using twisting test and finite element analysis results. By use of the evaluation procedure, the influence of length of the fillet defect are examined. Then we demonstrated a simply supported beam with central vertical load after this rehabilitation. The validity of the design requirement res s hown through the stress distribution of steel angle and adhesive from 3D finite element analysis.

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