Thesis or Dissertation Polyglycolic Acid Felt Sealing Method for Prevention of Bleeding Related to Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection in Patients Taking Antithrombotic Agents

福田, 浩子

2016p.1457357 , 2016-06-01 , Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Background and Study Aims. When performing endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) for patients on antithrombotic agents, the frequency of delayed bleeding is expected to increase. Th endoscopic polyglycolic acid (PGA) felt and fibrin glue sealing method could be a new method for prevention of delayed bleeding. Patients and Methods.The safety and efficacy of the endoscopic tissue sealing method with PGA sheets and fibrin glue for the prevention of post-ESD bleeding were examined in 104 patients taking antithrombotic agents. During the study period, 70 patients taking antithrombotic agents did not undergo the sealing method, 36 patients discontinued antithrombotic agents, and 724 patients had not received antithrombotic therapy. Results. Delayed bleeding rates were 3.8% (4/104) in the sealing group, 12.9% (9/70) in the nonsealing group, 8.3% (3/36) in the discontinuation group, and 4.6% (33/724) in the nonantithrombotic therapy group.Thus, the delayed bleeding rate was signific ntly lower in the sealing group than in the nonsealing group and comparable to that in the nonantithrombotic therapy group. Conclusions.This PGA felt and fi rin glue sealing method might become a promising post-ESD bleeding prevention method in patients taking antithrombotic agents (UMIN000013990, UMIN000013993).

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