Departmental Bulletin Paper 温泉保養地と女性-モーパッサン『モントリオル』-

大橋, 絵理

4pp.127 - 137 , 2016-03-01 , 長崎大学言語教育研究センター
Maupassant’s novel Mont-Oriol published in 1887 depicts the situation of the Spas in the 19th century. One theme of this novel is the romance between Christiane, a married and aristocratic woman and of Paul, a rich and single man. This paper analyzes the relationship between the women and the land of the spas. Paul abandons Christiane who is pregnant with Paul's child. However Christiane feels the sense of unity with the land where the natural hot water springs, in other words, the new resort place, which was traditionally used as a vineyard. Even the men who belonged to the old society, Gontran, Christiane’s brother, and Paul engage with the farmer’s daughters who were born and grew up in the land of a new Spa named Mont-Oriol. Mont-Oriol describes the change from the farmland which had continued until the 18th century into the space of a modern concept, hot spring resort, and the beginning of the new world created by the people of all classes who are involved in this place.

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