Departmental Bulletin Paper 起業と強い紐帯

林, 徹

95 ( 3-4 )  , pp.1 - 24 , 2016-03-25 , 長崎大学経済学会
The classical framework of our business system, i.e. businesses, households, and government, has not been questioned thus far. This study challenges to destruct it not by deductive approaches but by inductive inferences especially in terms of actual start-up processes which so-called entrepreneurial groups enact. Based on both the actual data and evidences by the semi-structured interviews conducted in 2014 by the author, an alternative concept of entrepreneurial groups or organizations, i.e. the center of the gravity of organizations, and its framework will be introduced. They stem from“a field of personal forces”(Barnard,1968).It is true that preceding studies pay attention to the roles of spouse/cohabiting partner (typical strong-ties),but their focus is financial assistance. This study would rather illuminate the fact that their mental support, whether overt or covert, makes entrepreneur groups enact start-up processes in the long run. In addition, some educational problems around support for potential start-ups in Japan will be discussed.

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