Journal Article Enhanced-Surface-Area TiO2-Based Nanotube for Photocatalytic Applications

Yang, Jason Hsiao Chun  ,  Huang, Shang Hsuan  ,  Yang, Chao Chen

35pp.1 - 10 , 2015-10 , Trans Tech Publications
This study utilized chemical method to reform titania nanopowder into larger surface area titania-based nanotubes (NTs). Various factors, such as reaction temperature, concentration, time, and aging time were investigated to determine their effects toward NT properties. The formation of the titania-based NTs was carried out under the conditions of 10N NaOH reaction medium, at reaction temperature and time of 116°C and 23 hours, respectively. Subsequent aging was done at 40°C for 24 hours. The NTs were further resintered at 400°C for 1 hour to improve their crystallinity and photocatalytic efficiency. Result indicates that the aging process is significant for the NT synthesis process. The treated titania-based NTs have an average surface area of 247.91 m2/g with nearly 100% photodecomposition of methylene blue in 15 minutes.

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