Departmental Bulletin Paper 炭鉱住宅地における閉山後の経年変化とその要因に関する研究 ―福岡県飯塚市を対象に―

安部, 知佳子  ,  安武, 敦子

46 ( 86 )  , pp.31 - 36 , 2016-01 , 長崎大学大学院工学研究科
The study is aimed to management for residential districts on today's population decreasing society. this present file shows the formation of landuse and the factor in districts of houses for coalminers after coal mine bankruptcy from the view of topographical condition, traffic condition, municipal strategies and etc.. As a result, about 40% of landuse remains houses for coalminers and 26% of this was changed and kept vacant parcels in a long time. Cases of regeneration such as new residential areas, industrial parks and so on are a few.

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