Conference Paper Exploring Technical Phrase Frames from Research Paper Titles

Win, Yuzana  ,  Masada, Tomonari

This paper proposes a method for exploring technical phrase frames by extracting word n-grams that match our information needs and interests from research paper titles. Technical phrase frames, the outcome of our method, are phrases with wildcards that may be substituted for any technical term. Our method, first of all, extracts word trigrams from research paper titles and constructs a co-occurrence graph of the trigrams. Even by simply applying Page Rank algorithm to the co-occurrence graph, we obtain the trigrams that can be regarded as technical key phrases at the higher ranks in terms of Page Rank score. In contrast, our method assigns weights to the edges of the co-occurrence graph based on Jaccard similarity between trigrams and then apply weighted Page Rank algorithm. Consequently, we obtain widely different but more interesting results. While the top-ranked trigrams obtained by unweighted Page Rank have just a self-contained meaning, those obtained by our method are technical phrase frames, i.e., A word sequence that forms a complete technical phrase only after putting a technical word (or words) before or/and after it. We claim that our method is a useful tool for discovering important phrase logical patterns, which can expand query keywords for improving information retrieval performance and can also work as candidate phrasings in technical writing to make our research papers attractive.

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