Thesis or Dissertation Peyer’s Patches in the Terminal Ileum in Ulcerative Colitis: Magnifying Endoscopic Findings

石居, 公之

46 ( 2 )  , pp.111 - 118 , 2015-12-02 , 日本酸化ストレス学会
Peyer's patches (PPs), a major component of the gut-associated lymphoid tissue, serve as important antigen entry sites in mucosal immunity. PPs may play a role in the extension of ulcerative colitis (UC) into the terminal ileum. We sought to clarify the magnified endoscopic findings of the PPs in the terminal ileum of UC patients. Eighteen UC patients underwent magnifying chromoendoscopy before initial treatment to evaluate the follicle-associated epithelium (FAE) on the PPs domes and the surrounding villi. In 8 UC patients, as in healthy controls, the PPs' domes were slightly elevated, covered with the regular FAE lining, and surrounded by dense and bulky villi; however, in 10 UC patients, the PPs' domes were irregular, and the surrounding villi were sparse and atrophic. These abnormal findings within the PPs were associated with minimal mucosal lesions but not with backwash ileitis; both electron microscopy and magnifying endoscopy confirmed that these lesions were reversible following remission with prednisolone-mesalazine therapy. Similar to Crohn's disease patients, UC patients commonly had abnormalities in the FAE on PPs' domes and the surrounding villi on magnifying endoscopy.

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