Journal Article Effect of nutritional counseling and long term isomaltulose based liquid formula (MHN-01) intake on metabolic syndrome

Takeda, Eiji  ,  Yamanaka-Okumura, Hisami  ,  Taketani, Yutaka  ,  Inagaki, Nobuya  ,  Hosokawa, Masaya  ,  Shide, Kenichiro  ,  Maegawa, Hiroshi  ,  Kondo, Keiko  ,  Kawasaki, Eiji  ,  Shinozaki, Shoko  ,  Fujinaka, Yuichi  ,  Matsubara, Tsukasa  ,  Katayama, Takafumi  ,  Sasaki, Hajime  ,  Kawashima, Akihiro  ,  Aonuma, Hiromitsu

57 ( 2 )  , pp.140 - 144 , 2015-09-01 , 日本酸化ストレス学会
The isomaltulose based liquid formula (MHN-01), suppresses postprandial plasma glucose and insulin levels in healthy persons and patients with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) or type 2 diabetes. MHN-01 intake as a part of breakfast also suppresses glucose and insulin levels after lunch, suggesting second meal effect. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of nutritional counseling and long-term (24 weeks) MHN-01 ingestion on biomarkers of metabolic syndrome. Forty-one subjects with criteria of metabolic syndrome participated in this study composed with the control period (0-12 week) followed by nutritional counseling and the experimental period (12-36 week) followed by 200 kcal (837 kJ) of MHN-01 or dextrin-based standard balanced liquid formula (SBF) loading as a part of breakfast. In 16 of 41 subjects became to out of criteria for liquid formula loading study during control period (unqualified group). In the unqualified group, several biomarkers were improved. In experimental period, serum HbA1c levels significantly increased in SBF group (n = 12) but did not change in MHN-01 group (n = 10). Thus, intake of 837 kJ MHN- 01 as a part of breakfast may be effective for suppression of deteriorating glucose metabolism in metabolic syndrome.

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