Journal Article Cis- and cell-type-dependent trans-requirements for Lassa virus-like particle production

Urata, Shuzo  ,  Yasuda, Jiro

96 ( 7 )  , pp.1626 - 1635 , 2015-07-01 , Society for General Microbiology
Lassa virus (LASV) small zinc-finger protein (Z), which contains two L-domain motifs, plays a central role in virus budding. Here, we report that co-expression of glycoprotein (GPC) altered the requirements for cholesterol but not the L-domains and host factor, Tsg101, for Z-induced virus-like particle (VLP) production. In particular, the cholesterol requirement for VLP production was cell-type-dependent. In addition, GPC was found to be important for co-localization of Z with CD63, a late endosomal marker. We also found that the N-terminal region (aa 3-10) of Z was critical for its myristoylation and VLP production. These findings will contribute to our understanding of LASV assembly and budding.

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