Journal Article Terpenoids from Ligularia virgaurea collected in China: the first example of two bakkane derivatives with an anhydride-type ring C and nineteen new chemical constituents

Saito, Yoshinori  ,  Iga, Saori  ,  Nakashima, Katsuyuki  ,  Okamoto, Yasuko  ,  Gong, Xun  ,  Kuroda, Chiaki  ,  Tori, Motoo

71 ( 44 )  , pp.8428 - 8435 , 2015-11-04 , Elsevier Limited
Further chemical investigation of two Ligularia virgaurea samples collected in China resulted in the isolation of 21 new compounds, two of which were bakkane-type sesquiterpenoids bearing an anhydride-type ring C, which was a previously unknown partial structure. These samples belonged to the V-type (the major component was virgaurenone) among the five chemotypes found in this species.

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