Conference Paper Nd-Fe-B thick-film magnets prepared by high laser energy density

Nakano, Masaki  ,  Fujiyama, K.  ,  Yanai, Takeshi  ,  Itakura, M.  ,  Fukunaga, Hirotoshi

p.7157723 , 2015-07-14 , IEEE
An observation of microstructure revealed that a laser-irradiated Nd-Fe-B target under the laser energy density (LED) above 10 J/cm2 enabled us to prepare isotropic nano-composite thick-film magnets with good magnetic properties due to a dispersed α-Fe + Nd-Fe-B structure. The formation of the structure is attributed to the etching process of a target during a deposition. Moreover, the control of composition in the nano-composite film enhanced (BH)max value up to approximately 130 kJ/m3.

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