Conference Paper Nd-Fe-B film magnets with the thickness above 100 μm deposited on Si substrates

Nakano, Masaki  ,  Chikuba, Y.  ,  Oryoshi, M.  ,  Yamashita, A.  ,  Yanai, Takeshi  ,  Fujiwara, R.  ,  Shinshi, T.  ,  Fukunaga, Hirotoshi

p.7156598 , 2015-07-14 , IEEE
Although increase in thickness of an Nd-Fe-B film magnet is indispensable to provide a sufficient magnetic field, it was difficult to suppress the peeling phenomenon due to the different values of a linear expansion coefficient for a Si substrate and a Nd-Fe-B film even if a buffer layer such as a Ta film was used. In this report, it was confirmed that a control of the microstructure for PLD (Pulsed Laser Deposition)-fabricated Nd-Fe-B films enabled us to increase the thickness up to approximately 160 μm without a buffer layer on a Si substrate. Namely, we found that the precipitation of Nd element at the boundary of Nd-Fe-B grains together with the triple junctions due to the composition adjustment is effective to suppress the destruction of the samples through an annealing process. The magnetic properties of the prepared films were comparable to those of previously reported ones deposited on metal substrates. Although the mechanism is under investigation, the above-mentioned film had stronger adhesive force compared with that of a sputtering-made film. Resultantly, no deterioration of mechanical together with magnetic properties could be observed after a dicing process.

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