Departmental Bulletin Paper 自然エネルギー転換意識とメディア接触 -環境保護に関する学生意識調査2011から-

保坂, 稔

18 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 8 , 2015-10-01 , 長崎大学環境科学部
There were much information about Fukushima nuclear accident when 2011 Great Eastern Japan earthquake occurred. Then, I expect that the more we use media, the more anti-nuclear consciousness increase. So, I analyzes the relationship between consciousness of renewable energy and media use by using the data of 260 university students in Nagasaki. I can say that there are co-relation between TV use and consciousness of renewable energy but not internet use, newspaper and radio. Perhaps media use of students are a few cases, so the effects of media use are limited.

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