Journal Article Isolation of dengue serotype 3 virus from the cerebrospinal fluid of an encephalitis patient in Hai Phong, Vietnam in 2013

Phu Ly, Minh Huong  ,  Takamatsu, Yuki  ,  Nabeshima, Takeshi  ,  Pham Hoai, Linh Ly  ,  Pham Thi, Hang  ,  Dang Thi, Dinh  ,  Nguyen, Ngoc Linh  ,  Nguyen Thi, Thu Thuy  ,  Le Thi, Quynh Mai  ,  Buerano, Corazon C.  ,  Morita, Kouichi  ,  Hasebe, Futoshi

70pp.93 - 96 , 2015-09 , Elsevier
Dengue encephalitis (DE) is characterized as unusual presentation of dengue infection. Despite the reports that DE accounts for only 1-5% of dengue cases, this disease tends to be increasingly reported to threaten global human health throughout dengue endemic areas particularly in Southeast Asia. The molecular information of clinically characterized, neurotropic dengue virus (DENV) in human beings is extremely scarce despite it playing an important role in deciphering the pathogenesis of dengue-related neurological cases. Here we report a case of DE caused by DENV3 genotype III in a male patient with atypical symptoms of DENV infection in Hai Phong, Vietnam in 2013. The virus isolated from the cerebrospinal fluid of this case-patient was closely related to DENV3 genotype III strains isolated from serum of two other patients, who manifested classical dengue in the same year and residing in the same area as the case-patient. It is noteworthy to mention that in 2013, DENV3 genotype III was detected for the first time in Vietnam.

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