Journal Article ハイハイ動作の再考 ─多様性の視点から─

寺尾, 瞳  ,  近藤, 景子  ,  園田, 楽人  ,  鶴崎, 俊哉

30 ( 3 )  , pp.459 - 464 , 2015-07-07 , 理学療法科学学会
[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to reconsider the crawling of infants by focusing on their repertoire. [Subjects] The subjects were 8 healthy infants aged 5-8 months who were using a Child Care Support Center. [Methods] The crawling of the infants on two types of floor (normal and unstable floor) was recorded on video, and analyzed for the motion of the head and trunk, the limbs, the movement of the center of gravity, and the driving force. The number of the repertoires of crawling was noted after agreement by three researchers. [Results] The repertories of crawling increased, and then decreased with experience of crawling. [Conclusion] Our results suggest that motor learning in infants’ crawling progresses from random to rational movements, and that the process is repeated during development.

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