Journal Article Stator Design of Alternate Slot Winding for Reducing Torque Pulsation With Magnet Designs in Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Motors

Yokoi, Yuichi  ,  Higuchi, Tsuyoshi

51 ( 6 )  , p.8202911 , 2015-06 , IEEE
This paper proposes a stator design that consists of a combination of an alternate slot winding and dummy slots to minimize pulsating torque in surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motors. The alternate arrangement of winding coils is designed to eliminate a harmonic component of back electromotive force that gives rise to a harmonic component of pulsating torque. However, the non-uniform arrangement of slots decreases the frequency of the cogging torque by half and may aggravate torque pulsation. To compensate for the drawback or the decrease in the frequency of the cogging torque, dummy slots are introduced in the alternately slotted stator. A theoretical method is developed for the proposed stator combination. The proposed stator design is applied to a prototype in combination with other rotor magnet design techniques, such as magnet shifting and the adjustment of magnet width, to minimize pulsating torque. The results show that the designed motor reduces the ripple factor of the torque by approximately 30% relative to the original value. In addition, the proposed alternate slot winding is validated by comparing the design with equal slot-winding designs optimized through finite-element method analysis.

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