Journal Article Magnetic Fe-Co films electroplated in a deep-eutectic-solvent-based plating bath

Yanai, Takeshi  ,  Shiraishi, Kotaro  ,  Watanabe, Yoshimasa  ,  Ohgai, Takeshi  ,  Nakano, Masaki  ,  Suzuki, Kiyonori  ,  Fukunaga, Hirotoshi

117 ( 17 )  , p.17 , 2015-04-27 , American Institute of Physics Inc.
We fabricated Fe-Co films from a deep eutectic solvent (DES)-based plating bath and investigated magnetic properties of the plated films. The plating baths were obtained by stirring the mixture of choline chloride, ethylene glycol, FeCl2·4H2O, and CoCl2·6H2O. The composition of the plated films depended on the amount of FeCl2·4H2O in the plating bath, and Fe content of the films was varied from 0 to 100 at. %. Depending on the Fe content, the saturation magnetization and the coercivity of the films varied. The Fe76Co24 film shows high saturation magnetization and smooth surface, and the change in the saturation magnetization shows good agreement with the expected change by the Slater-Pauling curve. High current efficiency (>90%) could be obtained in the wide film composition. From these results, we concluded that the DES-based plating bath is one of effective baths for the Fe-Co films with high current efficiency.

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