Journal Article Fe-Pt thick-film magnets prepared by electroplating method

Yanai, Takeshi  ,  Furutani, K.  ,  Ohgai, Takeshi  ,  Nakano, Masaki  ,  Suzuki, K.  ,  Fukunaga, Hirotoshi

117 ( 17 )  , p.17 , 2015-04-17 , American Institute of Physics Inc.
Fe-Pt thick-films were electroplated on Ta substrates using a direct current, and the magnetic properties of the film were evaluated. The Fe-Pt films with the thickness from 3 to 23 μm were obtained by changing in the plating time from 2 to 20 min. As the as-plated Fe-Pt films had the disordered fcc (face-centered-cubic) structure and low coercivity (<5 kA/m), we annealed the films at 700 °C for 60 min. The annealing induced the phase transformation from fcc structure to fct (face-centered-tetragonal) one, and we consequently obtained the Fe50Pt50 thick-films with large coercivity of approximately 700 kA/m. The large coercivity was observed in the wide thickness range for our experimental conditions. Therefore, we concluded that our prepared Fe-Pt film is one of the attractive thick-film magnets.

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