Departmental Bulletin Paper 元禄享保期における大村藩財政

柴多, 一雄

56pp.1 - 23 , 2015-03-25 , 長崎大学経済学部 東南アジア研究所
A debt in Nagasaki was important in Omura-han of the establishment period, but Osaka market becomes important in Keian (1648~1652) period later, Nagasaki market comes to supplement Osaka market. This paper analyses the later Omurahan finance. In Genroku (1688~1704) period, a debt from the Fukazawa family, whaling industry person in the territory, supported Omura-han finance, but in Kyouhou (1716~1736) period, the management of Fukazawa family failed by the default of Omura-han, and the financial administration of Omura-han that couldn't borrow money any more from Fukazawa family fell into a confusion state.

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