Departmental Bulletin Paper In Search of an Ideal Curriculum

多田, 恵実

1pp.109 - 117 , 2017-03-31 , 弘前大学 教育推進機構 教養教育開発実践センター
Creating innovative curriculum is a complicated work comprising various considerations on how the participantsshould be cultivated on the program. In 2013, Hirosaki University started the HIROSAKI Hayabusa College, a sortof honors program to foster future leaders with cross-cultural abilities. Hayabusa participants can join the two shortstudy-abroad programs, backed up by the sponsorship of the college, in an English speaking country and then, inan Asian country. Their goals are to nurture; 1) language communication abilities, 2) skills to coexist in harmonyin diverse cultural environments and 3) critical thinking skills that enable one to reflect on one’s culture and howthis culture influences one’s attitudes, behavior, and thinking. Taking part in its working group of the program,the author will describe its curriculum, how it was formed, how it was carried on, and the issues that had to betackled with along the way. The original program has lasted for three years, proceeding to the fourth stage in thefall of 2016. With this changing period, the author hopes to reflect on the program by summarizing the program and contribute to the further development of the entire program

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