Departmental Bulletin Paper The Role of Images in ELT (English Language Teaching) Textbooks: A Case for Visual Metaphors


1pp.9 - 18 , 2017-03-31 , 弘前大学 教育推進機構 教養教育開発実践センター
Although much is known about the importance of using visual aids in the foreign language classroom,awareness of what relationship these images have with the text and how they provide teaching opportunities forthe lesson is severely limited. In this article, I first review research that assesses how images are used in languagelearning textbooks. Research points out for the need to find ways to use images in more pedagogically meaningfulways. One potential area that needs to be further explored, as a possible way to accomplish this, is the use of visualmetaphors. Metaphors are an essential part of written and spoken language, but also extend to other modes likeimages (Lakoff & Johnson, 1980; Forceville, 1996). I then address previous research into pictorial and multimodalmetaphors. Finally, I argue that using these types of visual metaphors in a language-learning context providelearning opportunities for the students to discuss social issues and also enhance their creative and critical thinkingskills. In summary, I present a model that outlines the process of creative and critical thinking used for interpreting visual metaphors

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