Thesis or Dissertation 支援に取り組み易くするための「脳卒中者の自動車運転再開支援マニュアル(青森県版)」の作成と使用状況

成田, 句生

pp.1 - 25 , 2016-03-23
We made “The manual of driving resumption for stroke survivors (Aomori-version)”(the manual), and investigated its use for 7 months with targeted occupationaltherapists (OTs) in Aomori prefecture. Seventy-seven OTs participated in theinvestigation. Six among the 77 OTs reported to have used the manual. The strokesurvivors treated by these 6 OTs increased significantly than before. It was a 11.2 -foldincrease. They answered that each item of the manual was useful. Sixty-five among 71OTs who didn’t use the manual reported that they had no chance to use it.Approximately 90% of them stated, “would like to use it if I had a chance.” Each item ofthe manual was given more affirmative comments than negative ones by them. Fromthese results, it was suggested that the usefulness of the manual regarding the easinessto start treating of driving resumption for stroke survivors, although the number of OTwas small. We think this manual has a generality for use all over Japan in spite of beingan Aomori-version.

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