Thesis or Dissertation Evaluating EFL Learning Websites : A Review of Existing Websites Based on Expert and Empirical Analysis Factors
EFL ウェブサイトの評価 : 専門家と実証分析の要因に基づいて、既存のウェブサイトのレビュー

Forsythe, Edward

11pp.39 - 44 , 2016-03-31 , 弘前大学21世紀教育センター
The Internet houses thousands of language learning websites̶some excellent and others not so. Before using an online resource in class or recommending one to a learner, teachers must evaluate the site for worthiness.This paper adapts and combines language-learning website assessment criteria from several researchers and proposes a comprehensive rubric for measuring the site’s worthiness. Over 20 EFL-related websites were assessed using the criteria and the results are discussed herein, with recommendations for which sites are the most appropriate for EFL learners.

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