Journal Article Improved Underpants to Help Hemiplegic Stroke Patients with Toileting : Investigation of the Usefulness of Underpants with a Crotch Openable with a Single Arm While Sitting

Koike, Yuji  ,  Tsushima, Hitoshi

66 ( 1 )  , pp.73 - 82 , 2015-04-06 , 弘前大学大学院医学研究科・弘前医学会
Objectives: We investigated the usefulness of “open-crotch underpants for single-arm manipulation” developed to facilitate toileting in stroke patients requiring help because of impaired standing balance. Methods: The subjects were stroke patients allocated to two groups (independent and dependent). The study consisted of two parts. In Step 1, the degrees of crotch opening and exposure of the genital and anal area were evaluated. In Step 2, after manipulating the underpants, subjects excreted and their underpants were visually examined for soiling. In addition, subjects rated satisfaction with toileting. Results: The Step-1 results showed that subjects in both groups had a significantly larger opening after the crotchopening task than before it, suggesting that there was sufficient exposure of the genital and anal area. The Step-2 experiments revealed no soiling of underpants through excretion. Satisfaction with toileting was significantly higher with unassisted toileting using the underpants than with assisted toileting. Conclusion: This study demonstrated the usefulness of these “open-crotch underpants for single-arm manipulation”, particularly for dependent hemiplegic patients.

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