Journal Article MUC5AC-Negative Phenotype is Correlated with Poor Patient Prognosis of Pancreas Head Ductal Carcinoma.

Sakuraba, Shingo  ,  Morohashi, Satoko  ,  Yoshizawa, Tadashi  ,  Tsutsumi, Shinji  ,  Kimura, Norihisa  ,  Kudo, Daisuke  ,  Ishido, Keinosuke  ,  Toyoki, Yoshikazu  ,  Hakamada, Kenichi  ,  Kijima, Hiroshi

66 ( 1 )  , pp.28 - 37 , 2015-04-06 , 弘前大学大学院医学研究科・弘前医学会
Both pancreas head ductal carcinoma( PHDC) and distal bile duct carcinoma( DBDC) are located within the pancreas head/intra-pancreatic bile duct region, and are the most aggressive malignancies with poor patient prognosis. In the present study, we demonstrated clinicopathological features and patients prognosis of PHDC/DBDC. We examined total 87 surgically resected cases of PHDC (40 cases) and DBDC (47 cases). PHDC showed frequent neural invasion (85.0%) and lymph node metastasis (77.5%), compared with DBDC (57.4% and 40.4% respectively), resulting in the poorer prognosis( P=0.0219) than DBDC. In addition, PHDC expressed MUC2( 10.0%)and MUC6 (25.0%) less frequently, compared with DBDC (36.2% and 55.3%, respectively). MUC5AC-negative PHDC exhibited significantly poorer patient’s prognosis, compared with MUC5AC-positive PHDC (P=0.0111), MUC5ACpositive DBDC (P=0.000162), and MUC5AC-negative DBDC (P=0.00416). In conclusion, MUC5AC-negative PHDC showed significantly poor patient’s prognosis.

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