Departmental Bulletin Paper 高等学校芸術科(工芸)の教職課程における 「教科に関する科目」と「教科の指導法」の連携に関する試論 ─ 架橋領域に工芸的教科内容を位置付けた陶芸実技の実践を通して─
Coordination Between “Academic Subjects” and “Teaching Methods” in High School Art (Crafts Production) Teacher-Training Courses : Through Actual Practice in Ceramic Art where Crafts Production Academic Content is Positioned in a Cross-Linked Area

竹内, 晋平  ,  原山, 健一

66 ( 1 )  , pp.71 - 77 , 2017-11-30
A small number of High School Art (Crafts Production) courses are held nationwide, and employment of full-time teachers is also limited. Therefore, there is a tendency to cut back on teachertraining courses for the art subject (Crafts Production) in universities. In this paper, we aim to create a curriculum model to reform teacher-training courses for the art subject (Crafts Production), and propose the significance of the subject through actual practice in certain classes. Classes being held in current teacher-training courses separate “Academic Subjects” and “Teaching Methods.” Recent trends in teacher-training reform, however, strongly holds policies that coordinate and integrate both concepts. In this paper, we focused on the cross-linked areas of the two concepts and proposed a curriculum model that prescribes the Crafts Production academic content commonly taught in classes. We conducted trial practice in line with this proposal in ceramic art which is classified as an “Academic Subject.” As a result of providing instruction with an emphasis on these two concepts of Crafts Production academic content in a total of 15 classes, we were able to confirm that the students taking the course gained a solid understanding of knowledge in ceramics related to “nature and materials” and “techniques and procedures” which are necessary for teaching High School Art (Crafts Production).

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