Departmental Bulletin Paper 抽象絵画をめぐる俯瞰的思考を通した美術理解─中学校美術科学習における言語活動等に着目して─
Effects of Comprehensive Thinking about Abstract Painting on Fine Art Understanding : Language Activities in Junior High School Art Education

竹内, 晋平  ,  長友, 紀子

65 ( 1 )  , pp.103 - 111 , 2016-11-30 , 奈良教育大学
Recently, many kinds of teaching methods have been developed for art appreciation. However, it appears that in many educational situations the learning objectives of art appreciation are not clarified. This study aims to clarify the effect of language activities on students’ understanding of fine art in junior high school. In the experimental lesson, students undertook an appreciation of an abstract painting. At the start of the lesson, some students considered the abstract painting to be a reproduction of actual scenery. However, through the activity of drawing the abstract painting as a visual or physical expression, students experienced comprehensive thinking about abstract expression. In addition, they realized that the abstract painting was not a reproduction of actual scenery. Moreover, through descriptions of their own thoughts, students were able to form an understanding of abstract painting.Through the above discussion, we conclude that language activities are effective in assisting students to understand fine art in art appreciation lessons.

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