Departmental Bulletin Paper メトネル作曲ピアノソナタの演奏法研究─エドナ・アイルズ編「メトネルのピアノ奏法」からの検討─
Study on Piano Performance Methods of Piano Sonatas Composed by Nikolai Medtner:Analysis of Edna Iles’ Piano Playing Nicolai Medtner Taught Me

前田, 則子  ,  水谷, 礼佳

65 ( 1 )  , pp.85 - 94 , 2016-11-30 , 奈良教育大学
Although the piano works of Nicolai Karlovich Medtner (1880-1951), a Russian composer and virtuoso pianist, have been reevaluated over the past few decades, little attention has been given to an interaction between his works and his practical technics of piano performance methods. However he was one of the outstanding pianist in his time and played his own works. In this respect, his pianism may have an important influence on his composition.The purpose of this paper is to explore a little further into the original character of Medtner's piano sonatas by analyzing the Piano Playing Nicolai Medtner Taught Me edited by Edna Iles (1906-2003) who was his close friend and protégée. We examine this material to reconsider Medtner's pianism under the following two heads: (1) his basic methods of shaping a hand and (2) his technics to play functional harmony. Especially, the latter helped a player to play various complicated motifs clearly in the concert. A close look at the piano performance method will reveal that Medtner could develop his own extremely complicated and exquisite style, which is not simply categorized as the late-romanticism in general, based on his practical piano performance methods.

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