Departmental Bulletin Paper 奈良盆地の小学4年生を対象とした奈良県南部の山村地域に関する授業の提案と実践─地域多様性の理解を深めるために─
Development of a New Class on Mountainous Areas in Nara Prefecture for Elementary School Children in Nara Basin

河本, 大地  ,  井上, 惠太  ,  越尾, 裕介  ,  中窪, 寿弥  ,  山方, 貴順  ,  二階堂, 泰樹  ,  豊田, 大介  ,  高, 翔  ,  池辺, 優輔  ,  峰重, 勇海  ,  壁, 阿紀

65 ( 1 )  , pp.61 - 75 , 2016-11-30 , 奈良教育大学
This paper examines how to facilitate children (4th grade pupils at an elementary school) to understand regional diversity inside Nara Prefecture where has many people in Nara Basin and less people in mountainous southern areas. As a practice of education for sustainable development, the authors develop some lesson plans.

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