Departmental Bulletin Paper 女子プロ野球のスポーツプロダクトに関する研究
Sport products of women's professional baseball

高橋, 豪仁  ,  丸山, 雅志

64 ( 1 )  , pp.143 - 154 , 2015-11-30 , 奈良教育大学
In 2009, Girls Professional Baseball League (Japan Women's Baseball League since 2013) was established. The purpose of this paper is to identify the factors of spectator-sport products of it based on Kotler's theory concerning struc-tured products, and to clarify the factors related to the spectators' satisfaction. Furthermore, the features of Women's Professional Baseball League are discussed on not only quantitative data but also the qualitative data acquired by recording a process of games, play-style, announcement, interview, cheering behaviors of the audience, and so on. The quantitative data was collected through questionnaires distributed to 393 people (346 effective answers) who were at the games held at Wakasa Stadium Kyoto. The procedure of this study was, first, to locate the factors of product evaluations at Kotler's product-levels, and second, to identify which factors affected the spectators' satisfaction by using multiple regression analysis. Six factors as sports products were identified by using factor analysis, which were 'enjoyment of watching the games of attractive league' presumed as Core Benefit, 'amenity of the stadium' presumed as Generic Product, 'local consciousness projected through the team' and 'pleasant entertainment' presumed as Expected Product, and 'communication with players' and 'ease of getting tickets' presumed as Augmented Product. As a result, the spectators' satisfaction was strongly affected by communication with players especially in men. In Women's Profes-sional Baseball League, it was indicated that idol characteristics of the girl coexisted with the excellent activity like the high school boy who plays baseball by the observation survey.

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