Thesis or Dissertation Up-regulation of CX3CR1 on tonsillar CD8-positive cells in patients with IgA nephropathy

大髙, 隆輝

78 ( 4 )  , pp.375 - 383 , 2017-4
Although tonsillectomy are used as therapeutic options to prevent chronic renal failure in IgA nephropathy (IgAN) patients, the relationship between IgAN and tonsils is not fully proved by basic research. Recently, circulating CX3CR1-positive cells were reportedly involved in promoting hematuria in patients with IgAN. In this study, we focused on the expression of CX3CR1 in tonsillar mononuclear cells in IgAN patients. Immunohistological analysis revealed greater distribution of CX3CR1-positive cells in the inter-follicular area of tonsils in IgAN patients than in non-IgAN patients. CX3CR1-positive cells were also found in the affected renal glomerulus of IgAN patients. Flow cytometric analysis revealed the expression of CX3CR1 on tonsillar CD8-positive cells to be significantly higher in IgAN patients. CpG-oligodeoxynucleotides enhanced the expression in IgAN patients. The chemotactic response of tonsillar mononuclear cells to fractalkine was significantly higher in IgAN patients. Expression of CX3CR1 on peripheral blood CD8-positive cells in IgAN patients was significantly higher, and decreased after tonsillectomy, along with the disappearance of hematuria. These results suggest that hyper-immune response to microbial DNA enhanced the expression of CX3CR1 on tonsillar CD8-positive cells in IgAN patients, followed by the migration of the cells to renal lesions via blood circulation, resulting in the development of hematuria.

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