Journal Article Identification of fragmented letters through minimum-distance interpolation

高橋, 龍尚  ,  Yinlai, Jiang  ,  Shuoyu, Wang  ,  池上, 将永  ,  吉村, 昭人  ,  宮澤, 良祐  ,  渡邉, 紳一  ,  松尾, 崇  ,  柳田, 裕隆

37 ( 8 )  , pp.795 - 802 , 2016-8
Humans can identify partly occluded objects such as fragmented letters and the process involved could be considered as a common ability to discriminate, for example, between animal camouflage and jungle surroundings. The present study found that the same mechanism is responsible for visual identifying fragmented letters. Psychological experiments showed that individuals with normal vision most frequently imagined the shortest-linear links when observing three points corresponding to the vertices of virtualscalene triangles. Computer simulation also showed that multiple lines between pixels in close proximity remaining within the fragments with randomly removed pixels reproduced the shapes of original letters. Therefore, these results suggest that fragmented letters can be identified via linkages of spontaneously-induced illusory lines that interpolate elements remaining in close proximity within the visual system of the brain.

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