Departmental Bulletin Paper <博士学位論文要旨>ギアチェンジの時期にあるがん患者の看護のあり方に関する研究― 病棟看護師と医療専門職者の連携・協働について ―
A study of the status of nursing for cancer patients in the changing gear phase:cooperation and collaboration between ward nurses and other medical professionals

星名, 美幸

17pp.55 - 59 , 2018-03-31 , 横浜国立大学技術マネジメント研究学会
Focusing on nurses involved in cancer patients who have reached the changing gear phase during hospital treatment, we conducted an empirical research on cooperation and collaboration with other medical professionals. As a result, even if each medical professional has established a good relationship with the patient, it was found that changing gear does not go well when cooperation and collaboration between nurses and MSWs are insufficient. In addition, assessed changes in the roles of cancer patients before and after being told that the changing gear point has come by conducting a literature research. We newly constructed a conceptual framework on the role expectation of the changing gear phase in the role theory from the perspective of ward nursing. From these, in most cases cancer patients always felt uncertain because of various conflicts and were unable to put themselves in gear until the changing gear point. Nevertheless, cancer patients have approached to the changing gear point at their own speed. It was found that the time when cancer patients have almost reached this changing gear point is the time when medical professionals including nurses and MSWs should strengthen their cooperation and collaboration and support the patients. In other words, it can be said that the phase around the changing gear point is the most important time for cooperation and collaboration among medical professionals including nurses and MSWs. If nurses share the obtained information of individual patients with other medical professionals and fully utilize it, the time spent for the changing gear can be shortened. That will lead to an improvement in QOL of terminal cancer patients who have a little time left.

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