Departmental Bulletin Paper <論文>新たな美術教育の理論と方法論、考察と実践「鑑賞学習から始まる創造活動表現」 : 鑑賞表現一体化 直接対決の美術 : 報告「一本の線の絵の実験」ワークショップ
“The art of direct confrontation”by integrating art appreciation and expression: a discussion and practice on a new theory and methodlogy for art education Reporting from art workshops “experiment of one-line drawings”

原田, 美穂子

(15)  , pp.17 - 26 , 2016-03-31 , 横浜国立大学技術マネジメント研究学会
This paper presents the concept of art activities based on the“integrated art appreciation-expression program.” This program is based on the art education methodology which percieves appreciating art simultaneously motivates art expression, aiming to establish oeople’s identities. In art activities where people immediately respond to what they are appreciating, not just ending it as accumulation of their knolegedge or culture, nor be biased to acquiring art techniques, it is essential for one to be the subject that faces the appreciating object. The main theme of the integrated art appreciation-expression program is “art of direct confrontation,” whereby the subejct and the object confronts with each other. The educational mission of art course in school is giving opportunities for appreciating art which could not be possible if not given to them, even in today’s information overloaded society. Teachers also face the “integrated art appreciation-expression program” by preparing curriculum. The methodology of integrated appreciation-expression is the methodology for a way of life in living the information diverse society. The art workshops “experiment of one line drawing”based on this methodology revealed the fuction of art in connecting people to people.

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