Departmental Bulletin Paper <研究論文>結婚移住女性を対象とした現地事前教育におけるジェンダーとライフコース: ベトナムにおける「結婚移民者のための韓国文化教室」から
Gender and life course perspectives in the pre-education school for Marriage Migrant: focusing on “Korean cultural school for Vietnamese marriage migrant” in Vietnam

大野, 恵理

(1)  , pp.49 - 68 , 2015-03-23 , 横浜国立大学都市イノベーション研究院
From the middle of the 2000s, the number of international marriagehas been dramatically increasing in South Korea. Among them, Vietnamese womenand South-Korean men couples are the second largest group in 2011.This paperfocuses on “Korean cultural school for Vietnamese marriage migrant”, (hereafter; theschool) preliminary short-term education held by a NPO in Vietnam for Vietnamesemarriage migrant those who just married to South-Korean men and got entry visato South Korea. This is a subject that has received little scholarly attention. Thepurpose of this study is to investigate how the school approaches to the problems thatVietnamese marriage migrant struggle after moving to South Korea. Analysis of aninterview to the NPO staffs and questionnaire to participant women were performedfrom the perspective of gender and education; these revealed three findings. First,Korean language acquisition are attached much value in this school in the context ofchild rearing, not in the women’s own adaptation in new life. Second, some subjectsare taught in order to keep individual identity as Vietnamese and to understand theimportance of maintaining married life. The purpose is that overcome the stereotypedinternational marriage (migrant) images in South Korea. Third, reproductionlabor such as housework and child rearing are strongly emphasized, consequently thatis very linked to Korean gender norm. On the basis of these three findings, this papermade an assertion that is the possibility of this school in terms with the concept ofmigrant women’s Life Course so that they can have long-range perspective on theirown in their future in South Korea. It includes building up their vocational career.

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