Departmental Bulletin Paper <研究論文>朝鮮近代史における「百五人事件」と新民会像にかんする再考察: 韓民国臨時政府期以降の言説をもとに
Re-reading of ‘The Korean Conspiracy Case(百五人事件)’ and the image of ‘Shin Min Hoe(新民会)’ in Korean Modern History

内野, 直子

(1)  , pp.28 - 48 , 2015-03-23 , 横浜国立大学都市イノベーション研究院
This study tries to revisit ‘The Korean Conspiracy Case’ and ‘Shin Min Hoe’from a new perspective. A perspective that is historical and works within the context ofnational movement. History becomes relevant to this case because the understandingwas established from a political stand point after the colonial period of Korea.The present understanding is ‘Shin Min Hoe’ was organized as a secretsociety by Ahn Chang-ho(安昌浩) in 1907. The members were so accused becauseof the assassination conspiracy of Terauchi Masatake(寺内正毅) in 1911. This incident,called ‘The Korean Conspiracy Case’, was fabricated by the governor general whichwanted to sue the people who associate with missionaries.The present image of ‘Shin Min Hoe’ is very similar to the interpretationexpressed by the police department of governor general at ‘The Korean ConspiracyCase’. However, it was inconsistent because this interpretation was denied at theappellate trial, and 99 out of 105 persons were judged as innocent victims. This studytherefore, seeks to shed light on the background of the present understanding of ‘TheKorean Conspiracy Case’ and ‘Shin Min Hoe’ .The current understanding of the case was scripted by people whosupported Ahn Chang-ho in the Korean provisional government. When they regardedthe Western countries as a reader, they only described ‘The Korean Conspiracy Case’ asa persecutions of the Christian. However, when the readers were Korean people, theyemphasized about ‘Shin Min Hoe’ and Ahn Chan-Ho’s achievements. Because AhnChang-Ho was always regarded as a person who made a point on his birthplace, PyonganProvince(平安道).This re-reading will conclude by proving that the description of ‘TheKorean Conspiracy Case’ and ‘Shin Min Hoe’ was exaggerated and being carried by

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