Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈博士学位論文要旨〉成年後見制度における法人後見の果たすべき役割: 高齢期の生活継続性を確保する支援体制の確立に向けて
The positive role of corporate guardian in the adult guardianship: establishment of support system ensured continuity of elderly life

西森, 利樹

(14)  , pp.47 - 51 , 2015-03-31 , 横浜国立大学技術マネジメント研究学会
This paper discusses roles of corporate guardian within the adult guardianship system. Two perspectives on corporateguardian that have been suggested: (1) that it is an exceptional case of individual adult guardianship and therefore itsroles should be limited, and (2) its roles should not be limited, were discussed. The investigation was conducted from theperspective of ensuring continuity of life of the elderly, by using a historical approach related to discussions during theprocess of legalizing this system, as well as through studies on ensuring continuity of life under adult guardianship. Theprocess of legalizing the corporate guardian has not been investigated to date. Results of this study suggest that corporateguardian is not institutionalized, that it is regarded as an exceptional case of individual guardianship, and that the rolesof corporate guardian are not limited. Furthermore, empirical studies on adult guardianship for ensuring the continuityof life of elderly people have not been conducted to date. Results also indicated that juridical persons undertaking adultguardianship are maintaining continuous support by using plural staff in charge of the elderly, and by cooperating withother institutions. Corporate guardian is expected to play positive roles in ensuring the continuity of life of the elderlypersons, and not play an unlimited role. The number of elderly people with dementia and elderly people living alone isexpected to gradually increase in the future. In the long-term care insurance system, continuity of life has been discussedtogether with the development of a comprehensive community care system. In order to establish a stable support systemfor the elderly, it is suggested that adult guardianship should be undertaken by a juridical person.

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