Journal Article Remarkable enhancement of catalytic activity and selectivity of MSEtype zeolite by post-synthetic modification

Kubota, Yoshihiro  ,  Inagaki, Satoshi  ,  Nishita, Yuji  ,  Itabashi, Keiji  ,  Tsuboi, Yasuyuki  ,  Tuan, Syahylah Tuan Sulong  ,  Okubo, Tatsuya

243pp.85 - 91 , 2015-04-01
Besides conventional MCM-68, Al-rich MSE-type zeolites with a 12-10-10-ringmicropore system were successfully synthesized in a remarkably short crystallizationperiod by some different synthetic methods: (1) hydrothermal conversion of an FAUtypezeolite with the aid of the dipyrrolidinium-type organic structure-directing agent(OSDA) and (2) hydrothermal synthesis without using any OSDA with the aid of seedcrystals. The dealumination behaviors during post-synthetic acid-treatments as well as theproperties of the products differed depending on the synthetic method. The dealuminatedversion of each Al-rich MSE-type zeolite showed a high level of coking resistance inaddition to a significant yield of propylene in the hexane cracking reaction, and the MSEsynthesized under OSDA-free conditions showed the best catalytic performance amongthree different MSE-type zeolites after post-synthetic modification. The Al-rich MSEproducts obtained in this work are promising parent materials for industrial applications ashighly selective and long-lived catalysts.

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