Departmental Bulletin Paper 住宅の水平構面の重要性を理解するための模型製作と教育プログラム
ジュウタク ノ スイヘイ コウメン ノ ジュウヨウセイ オ リカイ スル タメ ノ モケイ セイサク ト キョウイク プログラム
A Structural Model and Educational Program for Understanding the Seismic Performance with Different Floor Construction Specification of Wooden Houses

神戸, 渡||カンベ, ワタル||Wataru, KAMBE

44pp.27 - 31 , 2016-03 , 関東学院大学工学総合研究所
In 1995, a big earthquake happened in Hyogo prefecture in Japan, after that accident many study for timber engineering is progressing and many people get the concern for the seismic performance of each houses. In structural design of timber construction, the structural performance of structural walls, floor diagrams and its joints is very important. In my past study, I proposed a wooden house model for understanding the importance of walls in timber engineering easily.In this study I would propose models for understanding the importance of floor construction in wooden houses. With these models, we could see the behavior of wooden houses under swinging like the earthquake and the difference of behavior in model with some specifications of floor construction.

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